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Premade Cantle Bags

Premade Cantle Bags


If the color you want is not in stock here please take a look at what we have available for custom orders or take a look at our clearance bags.


This "NO BOUNCE" Cantle bag works on most Endurance saddles as well as Australian and Western.. Has extra long straps to connect to rigging or "D"s for a secure connection across the back of the saddle. The pocket is from the lower end of one water bottle holder, up over the entire back of the cantle area down to the bottom of the other bottle holder.  Designed to have a minimum of bounce during trotting and cantering. 

 The side pockets on each side of the saddle hold large water bottles that are secured with Velcro straps over the top of bottle.    Once the bag is loaded with all essential items the two straps are crossed over one another to minimize the bag from bouncing during a canter or trot. 

Made from 1000 denier Cordura for maximum waterproofing and durability.

Bottom is lined with soft fleece to help prevent rubbing.


Purple is available just is not pictured. The purple is a standard royal purple, we do have two more vibrant purple cantle bags as well.


CURRENT PRICES ARE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, current inventory of bags are pre-made. Future prices subject to change with the rising cost of materials and better material options. 


Bag Color
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