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endurance Tailing rope small horse lead rope

Tailing Rope - Skinny Lead


Tailing Rope 9' with Snap, Leather strip and a Saddle Keeper.  


Choose your rope color, snap button color and BioThane/Beta color for the saddle snap.


To view BioThane colors for saddle snap please go the the BioThane color choice page.

This little 1/4" thick rope is a popular seller for riders that like to tail behind their horses up hills.  They are also great vet check lead ropes, when doing a trot-out the light weight rope helps to make your horse look for animated.  
The Saddle Keeper snaps onto a "D" ring on your saddle great way to store on your saddle while riding. 

Tailing ropes also make great emergency lead ropes to keep in your saddle bag.


Can double as a dog lead.

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