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JMS Godiva Sheepskin - white/cream

JMS Godiva Sheepskin - white/cream

$280.00 Regular Price
$265.00Sale Price

Buy the original, buy the best! The JMS Lady Godiva Full Sheepskin Western Saddle Cushion/Cover is wonderfully luxurious and covers your western or endurance style saddle all the way down the fenders to your stirrups! You could even ride in shorts with this wool sheep cushion. Riders love the quality and longevity of JMS (Just Merino Sheepskin). Made from the finest plush pelts available; JMS (Just Merino Sheepskin) truly leaves the competition behind. Let's hope you're not Lady Godiva, but you can ride in shorts all summer long, in absolute comfort (sheepskin wool wicks moisture in the heat)... and come winter, your chilly rides won't be quite as cold! The cover has a soft elastic rear cantle strap, ties on the front, and soft elastic bands at three different points down the leg which wrap around your saddle's fenders, for a truly excellent, secure fit!


One-inch thick Merino wool pile assures comfort on long rides, trekking in all weather. JMS uses only premium Merino Sheepskin pelts imported from Australia and they are thick, soft, and the most durable available. JMS hand traces and hand cuts their products at their ranch in Southern Arizona. Praised in Perfect Horse and Horse Journal so you can be assured you will be receiving a quality product you will enjoy using for years.

Every trail rider will enjoy the cushioned feel of this saddle cushion, but we especially urge our long-distance riding customers and those planning horseback vacations, to invest in your comfort. Increased comfort on your trek means better equitation, which is safer and healthier for you and your equine friend!

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