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Red Biothane Bitless bridle braided rope nose

Custom - Side Pull Bitless Bridles



Side Pull With Rope Nose

This is a Side Pull Bridle with a Rope Noseband.  Notice that there is no throat strap but rather a "jowel" strap to apply more pressure to the nose.  The Rope nose band gives it a little more help with the horse that is just coming off of a bit.

Bit Straps can be added for $15

If you want a ring on chin strap for a lead rope let me know


Choose your rope color for nose or it will be the same or similar color as bridle. More colors available than shown.


Standard Side Pull Halter Bridle

This bridle is designed for the rider that wants to ride without a bit.

Fully adjustable at the crown, the throat and noseband.

It has the convenience of a halter with a gullet ring for tying.

Bit straps can be added for $15



To see color choices visit the BioThane Color Choice page or Click Here

Put maine rope color and paracord rope color in notes if you are getting a rope nose sidepull. 

Almost endless options for paracord colors for the rope nose. 

Different pieces can be different colors just say so in notes.

If you want a ring on the chin piece for a leadrope of the rope nose bridle just say so in the notes.


Overlay adds $5

Stainless steel hardware adds $10 

Some pictures may show added options.


Note* Rhinestones, studs and/or Conchos can be added. Rhinestones $1-2 each, Conchos $2-$25 Each. We will make a pattern and send a picture and quote for your approval.


Horseshoe/Jeremiah Watt Hardware available, please contact for pricing.


All edges and holes are sealed making it water proof for easy cleaning.  The edges are all turn to the outside, away from the skin to protect from irritations.



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