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Pink Beta Blue BioThane Halter Bridle

Custom Halter Bridle


This is a popular bridle with both Endurance and Trail riders. Made by American Trail Gear.  With removable bit straps that the bit and reins are attached to in order to turn this bridle into an instant halter.  

Lots of adjustments in the crown, cheek, throat and chin areas.

All edges and holes are sealed making it water proof for easy cleaning.  The edges are all turn to the outside, away from the skin to protect from irritations.



To see color choices visit the BioThane Color Choice page or Click Here

Different pieces can be different colors just say so in notes.


Overlay adds $10

Stainless steal hardware adds $10 

Some pictures may show added options.


Note* Rhinestones and/or Conchos can be added. Please email me. Rhinestones $0.50-$1 each, Conchos $2-$25 Each. We will make a pattern and send a picture and quote for your approval.


Horseshoe HardwareJeremiah Watt available, please contact for pricing.

  • Return/Exchange Policy

    We stand by our handmade products. If something isn't right please let me know. 

    Example if the tack is not the correct size let me know and I can adjust the tack or replace/exchange a piece to make it fit your horse.

    If the color is not what you were expecting let's work together and exchange for the color you want.

    I suggest requesting color samples if you are not sure on colors. 

    Return shipping will be covered by me for most but not all situations.

    If an item breaks please contact me for repair, may be covered under warranty.

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